This is a proposal for membership guidelines for individuals. It includes: membership criteria; membership process; registration survey; onboarding protocol; lists of rights, responsibilities, and restrictions; and protocol for disciplinary action (with guidelines for reconciliation).


Thus far, within the ANANSI Revolutionary Collective we have not had any formal rules around membership. While up to this point, that hasn’t been a problem, as we scale in the number of involved artists and the amount of resources in our shared commons, it is important that we are clear around what constitutes membership. The following proposal includes guidelines for what we look for in potential members, a clear process for joining and leaving the collective, a survey for becoming an official member, a protocol for bringing new members into the collective, lists of what is expected of members and what they can expect in return, and guidelines for disciplinary action. If we adopt this set of guidelines, we will have a crucial component of our protocol defined, one that plays a significant part in all other future parts of the protocol given that members are those that have the power to make decisions and have access to resources.

Problem Statement

Without formal rules around membership, we lack clarity around who is allowed to participate in our decision making and have access to our resources. Right now, that means that Kadallah maintains defacto leadership and final decision making power. As our pool of resources grows, this also poses the risk that people who are only marginally involved or not committed to long term relationship with the collective can access and extract from our commons without any expectation of contribution. Further, as we grow and find ourselves more actively engaging in collaborations, it is important that we don’t overwhelm people who were interested in working on specific projects (but not being a part of the collective in the long term) with the day-to-day minutia of our collective maintenance. Finally, as we define our tool stack, and in these early days rely on capitalist platforms with team/personnel limits, we need to know who wants to actively be registered within these various tools.

Goals and Objectives

Proposed Approach

Resources and Budget